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New Year’s Day Marathon episode of Watching Mental Health

Mental Health Trends of 2024 – Do you have a New Year’s Resolution focused on mental health in 2024? You are not alone. As our world continues to struggle with a mental health crisis, 2024 may become the year for mental health and mental wellness. From mental health New Year Resolutions to legislative expectations and pop culture trends, we’re breaking it all down on this special episode of Watching Mental Health.

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The Non-Profit Approach To Mental Health And Advocacy

Host Katie Waechter interviews Trinh Dang, the Executive Director of NAMI Southern Nevada, which is a peer-led grassroots mental health nonprofit that aims to support, educate and advocate for individuals and families impacted by mental health conditions. As someone with lived experience with mental health challenges and seeing it first hand with family members, she…

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Herbalism, Nutrition, and Mental Health

Host Katie Waechter interviews guest Carmen Adams, a Registered Herbalist, AHG & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Ordained Minister. Through her business, Innergy Med Group, Carmen educates individuals interested in learning the practical application of herbs, food as medicine, and divinity coaching (life coaching, inner dialogue, and spirituality). Her Holistic Wellness Concepts are based on science,…

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The Power of Therapy, From One Patient To Another

Hosted by Katie Waechter with guest Geoffrey Radcliffe, a local entrepreneur and owner of Post Launch, a digital marketing juggernaut in Las Vegas. A firm believer in therapy and a proponent for men’s mental health, and long-time therapy supporter and patient, Geoff often passes his therapy learnings to his friends, family, and colleagues and is…

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A Holistic and Integrative Approach to Mental Health

As a dedicated self-healing integration coach, Alyssa Waters empowers individuals to embark on transformative journeys toward holistic well-being. With a background in psychology and a deep understanding of various healing modalities, Alyssa guides clients through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual integration. Her mission is to help individuals harmonize their inner selves, fostering self-acceptance, resilience, and a profound sense of inner peace. Her personalized sessions offer a compassionate, non-judgmental approach. On this episode of Watching Mental Health, we will talk about how mental health is connected to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual beings, and how approaching mental health holistically matters.

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