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The Non-Profit Approach To Mental Health And Advocacy

Host Katie Waechter interviews Trinh Dang, the Executive Director of NAMI Southern Nevada, which is a peer-led grassroots mental health nonprofit that aims to support, educate and advocate for individuals and families impacted by mental health conditions. As someone with lived experience with mental health challenges and seeing it first hand with family members, she…

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Herbalism, Nutrition, and Mental Health

Host Katie Waechter interviews guest Carmen Adams, a Registered Herbalist, AHG & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Ordained Minister. Through her business, Innergy Med Group, Carmen educates individuals interested in learning the practical application of herbs, food as medicine, and divinity coaching (life coaching, inner dialogue, and spirituality). Her Holistic Wellness Concepts are based on science,…

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The Discipline of Love – Part II

Hosted by Sandra McKechnie, with guest Lorrie Simunovic. Emotional Intelligence Gives Agility to Love Emotionally and Intellectually. Liberating Us to Love Boldly! In the context of social justice, love is more than an emotion or personal feeling. It is a powerful, active force and discipline with the potential to manifest liberation, freedom and consciousness in…

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do . . . In Business

Hosted by Nancy Gabriel, with guest Michelle Hausbeck. Going into business with a friend requires a deep dive into the dynamics of the nature of the business as well as the nature of the friendship. This episode will explore things to consider beyond the usual checklist.

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