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Watching Mental Health

Balance, Harmony, and Finding Beauty in Life

Guest Magdalena Brandon always had a passion for color and design. She is a Feng Shui specialist and understands the importance of balance and harmony, not only in one’s environment, but also in the mind, body and soul. She is known for her creativity, passion, and commitment to helping others achieve their objectives. Magdalena has…

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The Science of the Brain-Body Connection

Frank Amato relocated from the East Coast to southern Nevada in 2019 after spending twenty years in the corporate world. He is now a board-certified cognitive specialist, as well as admissions director at Brain Balance of Southern Nevada. He found his passion in coaching sports teams as well as business teams by applying the science…

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Mental Health and Peer Support In the Community

Helping us launch Season 2 of Watching Mental Health is an amazing local mental health advocate and activist, Ashley Floyd! Ashley is the Program Director of the mental health nonprofit, NAMI SNV. She moved from Memphis, TN to Nevada in 2016 and began volunteering in 2017 as a presenter sharing her mental health diagnosis and…

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An Innovative Approach To Mental Health

In this episode of Watching Mental Health, host Katie Waechter interviews Bianca McCall, a retired professional basketball player, TED Speaker, and mental health expert. With twenty five years in the behavioral health field and twelve years as a healthcare CEO, she’s the brilliant mind behind the Reach-In Now platform. Don’t miss her inspiring thoughts on…

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The Power of Hypnotherapy in Mental Health

Tammie S. Roitman, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. After 16 years of frustration watching large systems fail to help children and adults needing help with their problems using conventional approaches, Tammie was determined to find an intervention that would complement and enhance conventional mental health treatments and educational methods. Before becoming a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Tammie was a school psychologist for 16 years with Clark County School District, working with students and young adults with mental and behavioral health disorders. Among other amazing accomplishments, Tammie co-wrote the school district’s ADHD protocol that set the standard for CCSD evaluations and interventions of students with ADHD. On this very special episode of Watching Mental Health, we will dive into all things hypnotherapy and mental health. Tune in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 3pm PT.

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New Year’s Day Marathon episode of Watching Mental Health

Mental Health Trends of 2024 – Do you have a New Year’s Resolution focused on mental health in 2024? You are not alone. As our world continues to struggle with a mental health crisis, 2024 may become the year for mental health and mental wellness. From mental health New Year Resolutions to legislative expectations and pop culture trends, we’re breaking it all down on this special episode of Watching Mental Health.

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