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The Professionals

The Professionals, hosted by SoFeya Joseph every Wednesday at 1PM PST.

Making Your Life Simple

Meet Joe Caldera, our Everything-About-Finance guy! He has been helping Las Vegas businesses and families create a financial plan to build wealth and peace of mind! The summer is the perfect time to evaluate your financial goals and create a plan so you can enjoy the upcoming summer months and build wealth. Joe will help…

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Mindset & Marketing: Leveling Up Your Business

Join Penny Tindall and guest Serena Anderson as they talk about the importance of the 3 M’s: mindset, marketing (with automation powered by AI), and monetization! Learn about how your mindset influences your business success and how the power of technology can accelerate your business to new heights allowing you to have predictable monetization.

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Why Are You So Angry?

Meet our mental health specialist Dr. Vicki in this conversation with host Penny Tindall! As the anger doctor, she specializes in helping individuals cope with stress and anger management. She listens, understands, and helps resolve work and home conflicts.

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