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Secret Order of AI

AI’s Potential Role in World War 3: Enhancements, Manipulations, and Ethical Concerns

Carlito discusses how AI could contribute to World War 3 through enhanced military capabilities, cyber warfare, manipulative information campaigns using AI algorithms, and AI-assisted strategic decision-making in high-stakes situations. He will also discuss the ethical concerns regarding fully autonomous weapons and the potential unintended consequences of using them, and the need for international cooperation to…

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WW3 With AI

Explore the future of warfare as artificial intelligence takes center stage with host Carlito “El-Rey” Hairston. Join us for a deep dive into the ethical questions, strategic shifts, and potential consequences in a world where AI shapes the battlefield. From geopolitics to ethical dilemmas, we unravel the complex dynamics of WW3 with AI.

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Autobiography of AI

Welcome to “Bytes to Brilliance: Unveiling AI’s Mind,” inspired by the autobiography “From Bytes to Brilliance: The Autobiography of AI.” Join us as we explore the evolution of artificial intelligence, from its digital infancy to its present brilliance. Each episode features insightful discussions and expert interviews, offering a deeper understanding of AI’s transformative journey. Subscribe…

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