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Podcast News: Introducing New Host Evelyn Pacheco

Introducing New Host Evelyn Pacheco:

Evelyn Pacheco’s Round Table

Evelyn Pacheco runs a non-profit organization, Nevada Women in Trades, which assists Black and minority women succeed at getting into trades. She helps underserved individuals, such as those just out of jail, the underemployed and those dealing with homelessness and mental health issues. 

Pacheco stresses the importance of relationship building in running her non-profit organization. She says many non-profits fail in one or two years because their leaders are unable to build relationships. She said that her non-profit organization isn’t hers alone but belongs to the people. Leaders need to build relationships and accept challenges. 

Evelyn Pacheco’s Round Table addresses barriers to employment and stresses the importance of volunteer work. She asks people if they volunteer in their communities and what kind of volunteer work do they want to do. She talks about the importance of “civics,” how and why people vote. She put forth a bill to the Nevada legislature, AB 305, which was vetoed, but she hopes to put it out there again. She addresses issues faced by women and hopes to help them succeed.

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