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Business News: How to improve people skills

How to improve your people skills

An ability to interact with others effortlessly will lead to your success.  

Read on for a few tips on How to Improve your People Skills.

By Dana Wall-Oakley

People skills, sometimes called soft skills, social skills, or interpersonal skills, are techniques to help you relate to others.  They form a skill set you can use to anticipate people’s behavior, communicate persuasively, and feel comfortable in social situations.  Improving your people skills is essential for building positive relationships and effective communication.  Learning how to interact with others more effectively naturally leads to greater success.  Here are a few tips on how to improve your people skills.


  1. Have Good Conversation Skills: Engaging others in conversation is the most important skill for a business owner.  To overcome nervousness or awkwardness when starting a conversation, especially with someone you don’t know, ask about their interests or other open-ended questions that encourage engagement.  Listen carefully when they speak to show sincere interest and a measure of empathy.  Building your confidence in conversations with others builds rapport, which increases your connections, thus increasing your business.


  1. Seek Out Social Situations: Improving social skills, and improving people skills takes practice.  How can you practice?  Seek out those social events that will give you an opportunity to interact with others, especially when you don’t feel like it.  You can triumph over that distressing position by continuing to put yourself in those situations.  Agree to attend social events and make small talk with attendees.  Attend conferences or meetings that will help you create shared experiences with others.  This is another way to build rapport with potential clients and colleagues.  


  1. Leave a Positive Impression: There’s an old adage, “You only have one chance to make a first impression”.  It is absolutely true!  When people have a positive impression of the way you interact and communicate with them, they are more likely to want to do business with you again.  There are several ways to make a positive impression.  Be aware of your body language, including attire, eye contact and smiling.  Be on time and come prepared for the interaction.  Be authentic, courteous and engaged.  

Having good people skills is crucial to the success of a business.  Being able to interact effectively with clients and colleagues will help you communicate efficiently, resolve conflict, avoid misunderstanding, and increase customer relations.  Consider the following when you are working on improving your people skills; have good communication skills, put yourself in social situations whether you want to or not, to help you practice, and remember to leave a positive impression.   If you need help figuring out how to improve your people skills, reach out to Classy Communications today.  We can help.  Contact us at  And please follow us at Classy Communications PR & Advertising.

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