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Unlocking the Power of Volunteerism:

Insights from Guy Dawson on the Business of Giving

Written by Edda Bevilacqua

Volunteers are essential to the success of a non-profit organization. People come into volunteerism from a variety of perspectives. Some have a background in volunteering from a very young age. Other people have developed the spirit of volunteerism at a later age. This can originate from a traumatic experience they had, which motivates them to give back to a certain organization. Still others volunteer for social reasons.

Although volunteers are not being paid monetarily, they receive payment in the form of social and spiritual benefits and making connections with other people. When volunteering, make sure the organizations fit your interests and values.

Guy Dawson cites two key volunteer organizations, Lion’s Club and Toastmasters. Lion’s Club works to improve eyesight by donating eyeglasses around the world. Toastmasters creates many volunteer and leadership opportunities.

To make a volunteer organization work, there must be accountability and communication. A leader needs to communicate with the volunteers and take care of them. This helps the organization achieve its purpose.