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Watching Mental Health

Hosted ByKatie Waechter

Watching Mental Health Radio podcast breaks down the stories, research, and stigmas in mental health. It’s time to talk openly about mental health challenges, diagnoses, and treatments. Featuring guests from patients, providers, and experts in the field.

Mental Health and Peer Support In the Community

Helping us launch Season 2 of Watching Mental Health is an amazing local mental health advocate and activist, Ashley Floyd! Ashley is the Program Director of the mental health nonprofit, NAMI SNV. She moved from Memphis, TN to Nevada in 2016 and began volunteering in 2017 as a presenter sharing her mental health diagnosis and recovery journey. Ashley’s involvement in the community extends beyond NAMI, and everyone who knows her sees how she puts her heart and soul into the peer support work she does every day. Join host Katie Waechter as we dive into Ashley’s journey, her passion for mental health advocacy, and valuable lessons on peer support, giving back, and self-care.

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