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Evelyn’s Roundtable

Hosted ByEvelyn Pacheco

Welcome to Evelyn’s Roundtable. This podcast highlights a host of relevant topics. Our conversations share voices of Women of Color, Black Women veterans and veterans, Allies, candidates, and elected officials, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and others. We also explore important issues and challenges such as grassroots leadership, job training, homelessness, and
mental health advocacy, accountability, male inclusion & civics education.
Her Mission Statement is to Empower all Women to Hold Hands as we Rise.

On Being a Woman in America – With Marianne Williamson

Host Evelyn Pacheco interviews politician and author Marianne Williamson on being a woman in America, on being a woman veteran in America, and focusing on what matters most. Marianne has run for president of the United States twice and as well as Congress and veterans’ rights is an issue close to her heart. Visit her website to read about her positions in greater detail.

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