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PR Connections Holy Shrines Interview

Holy Shrines interview on PR Connections Radio

written by Edda Bevilacqua

Tim from Holy Shrines discusses a pair of shrines in Chicago, the Queen of Heaven Cemetery and the Our Lady of Mount Carmel cemetery. He also talks about the experiences of a man named Joseph Reinholz, who experienced healing when he visited a shrine in Magigoria at the height of the war in former Yugoslavia. He suffered from blindness and experienced healing when he prayed at the Cross. He spoke of his experiences under the threat of excommunication by the Catholic church, which had control over certain matters.

Tim discussed how difficult it is today to be a Christian and a Catholic. He stresses it is important to worship Jesus Christ, not the Blessed Mother, and talks about the importance of prayer. It is important for families to pray and watch out for one another. (“The family that prays together, stays together.” Jesus Christ does not deny his followers anything and brings Divine intercessors into our lives, giving us family and friends who help us.

Tim concludes the interview by showing a “Miraculous Medal,” a demonstration of how miracles occurred in his life and offers a blessing. He demonstrates how miracles can happen in our lives.

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