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Helpful Hints to Write a Book

Written by Edda Bevilacqua

Helpful Hints When Writing a Book

Brian Gardner, author of two books, Plan for America and the World and The Banished, discussed the steps needed in writing and publishing a book. He discusses what must be done before, during and after the writing process. He goes through the writing process from topic selection to marketing.

The three steps in the preliminary writing process are selecting a topic, choosing a good title and putting together a cover that catches the reader’s eye. The writer should select a topic of interest to the reader. The title should be concise, so the reader will not be bored. Finally, the cover should make the reader want to read the book.

The second phase of the writing process includes selecting the target audience and figuring out what one wishes to accomplish with the book. Find people who are interested in your topic and reach out to them. Determine the purpose of the book, whether it is to inform, entertain or persuade the reader to a certain point of view.

The final part of the writing process involves marketing the finished product. Once the book is edited and printed, it can be marketed, either in person or online. Gardner cites Toastmasters as an effective communication and marketing venue. Toastmasters can help people enhance both their communication and writing skills.



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