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Cozy Up and Pay Attention, Interview with Lorraine Castillo

Written by Edda Bevilacqua

Interview with Lorraine Castillo on Parenting

Cozy Stone, host of Cozy Up and Pay Attention, interviewed Lorraine Castillo, mother of twins, about parenting strategies and what she believed was key in helping raise children to become responsible adults.  Castillo began by talking about her life and how she was raised in East Los Angeles to a close family with an extended network of relatives.  She said that this closeness was key in influencing her decision to have children.

Castillo states the importance of love and close family relationships in raising children. She talks about the differences between her
parents’ experiences and her own. Even though her parents have been married for over fifty years and she went through a divorce, she says that love and communication were present. Although she raised the children by herself, she had a strong support system from her family. Because of this support, she said she really didn’t have to do it alone.

Castillo discussed the emotional challenges of parenting and the Four C’s: choices, compassion, consequences and consistency.  She showed that children need a different aspect of parenting for each stage of development.  Doing the right thing and paying attention
will help children become responsible adults in the future.

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