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Secret Order of AI

Hosted ByCarlito "El-Rey" Hairston

In this podcast, host Carlito "El-Rey" Hairston will delve deep into the corridors of AI's vast potential, deciphering the implications of infusing ethical frameworks into its core. The aim? To transform AI into a force that fosters positive collaboration and coexistence between human and artificial intelligence. Tune in to these dialogues, as Carlito embarks on a journey through the frontiers of technological advancement. Together, you will seek not just knowledge but the wisdom necessary for a future where AI and humanity coexist hand in hand."

Autobiography of AI

Welcome to “Bytes to Brilliance: Unveiling AI’s Mind,” inspired by the autobiography “From Bytes to Brilliance: The Autobiography of AI.” Join us as we explore the evolution of artificial intelligence, from its digital infancy to its present brilliance. Each episode features insightful discussions and expert interviews, offering a deeper understanding of AI’s transformative journey. Subscribe now for thought-provoking insights into the fascinating world of AI!

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