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Month: February 2024

The Power of Hypnotherapy in Mental Health

Tammie S. Roitman, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. After 16 years of frustration watching large systems fail to help children and adults needing help with their problems using conventional approaches, Tammie was determined to find an intervention that would complement and enhance conventional mental health treatments and educational methods. Before becoming a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Tammie was a school psychologist for 16 years with Clark County School District, working with students and young adults with mental and behavioral health disorders. Among other amazing accomplishments, Tammie co-wrote the school district’s ADHD protocol that set the standard for CCSD evaluations and interventions of students with ADHD. On this very special episode of Watching Mental Health, we will dive into all things hypnotherapy and mental health. Tune in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 3pm PT.

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Cozy Up and Pay Attention, Interview with Lorraine Castillo

Written by Edda Bevilacqua Interview with Lorraine Castillo on Parenting Cozy Stone, host of Cozy Up and Pay Attention, interviewed Lorraine Castillo, mother of twins, about parenting strategies and what she believed was key in helping raise children to become responsible adults.  Castillo began by talking about her life and how she was raised in East…

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