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Watching Mental Health

Hosted ByKatie Waechter

Watching Mental Health Radio podcast breaks down the stories, research, and stigmas in mental health. It’s time to talk openly about mental health challenges, diagnoses, and treatments. Featuring guests from patients, providers, and experts in the field.

Herbalism, Nutrition, and Mental Health

Host Katie Waechter interviews guest Carmen Adams, a Registered Herbalist, AHG & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Ordained Minister. Through her business, Innergy Med Group, Carmen educates individuals interested in learning the practical application of herbs, food as medicine, and divinity coaching (life coaching, inner dialogue, and spirituality). Her Holistic Wellness Concepts are based on science, research, and expert analysis across many different healthcare modalities. Her services are made for people who want to stop the sickness marathon and start improving their quality of life. On this episode of Watching Mental Health, we are going to discuss how herbalism and nutrition impact mental health, learn more about ordained ministry, and why it’s so important to listen to your body to achieve optimal mental health.

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