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Voices of Humanity

Hosted BySandra McKechnie

It's not your fault or mine, but together we can do something about it. Stay tuned for singer-songwriter Sandra McKechnie on Voices of Humanity. We need to hear your voices! Doubble Consciousness (with 2 b's!) offers cultural sensitivity and awareness training, and fuels this show. Two streams of thought, two social identities, promoting hope and healing through interviews on Voices of Humanity.

The Discipline of Love – Part II

Hosted by Sandra McKechnie, with guest Lorrie Simunovic. Emotional Intelligence Gives Agility to Love Emotionally and Intellectually. Liberating Us to Love Boldly! In the context of social justice, love is more than an emotion or personal feeling. It is a powerful, active force and discipline with the potential to manifest liberation, freedom and consciousness in many forms. Practicing emotional intelligence can empower us together to recover from chronic negative emotional states, to love boldly despite fear or criticism, and to develop love as a consistent practice and sustaining vision. This discipline strengthens our capacity to transform communities with compassion, integrity, and courage.

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